Worlds Unravelled

This is not a joke
Not a bar in sight

What do a Moogle, Lion-man, Robot, Ghost and a Sword that used to be a Dwarf have in common? They aren't walking into an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages for one!

Our ex-dwarf friend had, quite a while ago, been… zapped is the word we will use for now, somewhere else. In this somewhere else a dragon decided he would make an excellent addition to her horde and whisked him away to be cherished forever. Until she realised he was a lippy bastard(sword) and carved out a hidden alcove just for him. And his voice. 

Quite some time later, after some thunderous cracks, the sounds of battle and much movement, The Orenmir heard no further sound from outside his dark chamber but for the occasional scuffle that rarely involved the squeak of kobold throats. It was all rather tedious really. Bored and all he could do was talk to himself and illuminate his small 15ft by 15 ft chamber.

Excitement finally arrived when similar thunderclaps that brought him to this world briefly irradiated his small space with blinding white lights and he found he was in the company of… people?

An upright lion in chain as tall as two dwarves put together carrying a shield that meant business and a sword that was not meant for finessing, obviously some sort of soldier. There was a ghost of some sort who simply reeked of unholyness and even tried to pick him up without permission! Some sort of construct with more brains than most carrying a shield that could be use to barricade a doorway for days. 

Then there was the odd rabbit like thing with small wings on it's back that kept floating about, being incredibly cheerful all the time and had some kind of pom-pom on the top its head. It said it was a moogle and called itself Mogwin.

The lion man introduced itself as Captain Vraage and rather promptly started looking for a way out, stating something about having to find a cure for the plague that had befallen its people.

The mechanical soldier was on a mission and intended to get back to it as soon as possible.

The moogle had to go back to delivering letters. Some sort of post… postmoogle?

The ghost had oaths to keep.

What had The Orenmir ended up with?!

After some discussion and the five acquainting themselves, they came to the conclusion that they were not in any of their home worlds. Some of them had never seen creatures such as each other and the concept of ghosts, dragons and magic were the things of children's stories. The Orenmir decided that Captain Vraage would be a decent candidate to wield him so he allowed him to bond.

 As they all, especially Vraage, had  business to get about to, Vraage smashed the chamber door down and they all escaped into the wreckage of the dragon's lair. Bones of various sorts of creatures and wreckages of clockwork contraptions lay all over the place wherever there wasn't rubble from the collapsed cavern. Apollyon, our friendly neighborhood hell-ghost, examined one of the few remanding coins on the ground. While obviously currency and made of copper. None of them could identify the denomination. Not even the strange wolf-like being that adorned the face.

The following hour involved the oddly assorted group finding their way out of the caverns they found themselves in. Along they way the fought some strange little robot things with beak heads, some clockwork beetles and clockwork wasps (which hilariously tried to poison the ghost), a lizard thing with a plant growing out of its back  and the caterpillars  that lived in said plant and eventually had a conversation with some kobolds near the surface.

To make a long story short, the kobolds and their dragon master told our protagonists the following:

  • The sky broke a while back and odd things have started coming into their world including the writhing sea of destructive, spiky creatures that roils outside of the citadel's walls held back by the magical defenses.
  • Their master has been fighting those creatures off whenever the defenses break down so the kobolds can bodge a fix up.
  • There is an artifact in their possession that could be used to escape this world but there are four pieces missing and they suspect that they are held by four people who came through when the sky cracked open.
  • The sky looks like a static filled analog tv set that has not been tuned. The sea of black and white grains is slowly approaching the ground and anything it touches is destroyed.
  • The four people that have fortified themselves in a different fortification within the citadel are from different worlds and have their own approach to defending themselves from the creatures outside:

    • Professor Almond has been breeding strange creatures that are remarkably effective in combat and seem to grow stronger through experience.
    • Lady Genevieve De La Croix has been augmenting herself with magic and clockwork mechanisms as well as constructing a horde of mechanical creatures.
    • The Bloodmage has been summoning creatures that seem to be physical incarnations of mortal emotion.
    • The Dark Cantor is largely an unknown factor. His fortification reeks of darkness and evil.
  • The dragon would have dealt with all of them herself but in doing so would destroy their fortifications and most likely bury whatever artifacts they hold in the rubble which would take too long to recover. She would also need one of the mages to use the artifact as it is of significant magical complexity.

In the face of this information, our motley crew decide to go and pay the Professor a visit and see if he has the piece of the artifact and to try and convince him to cooperate. 

Hopefully his creatures aren't too bizarre.


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